Four Nice & Cheap Simple Tools for the Student of Japanese. Some Things to Make the most of in your Japanese Studies.

The plethora of tools geared towards the Japanese student can disorient them. No one want to get ripped off by some costly material that isn’t going to help them. Let me enable you on witling down what resources are literally helpful an d not just a waste of money.

1. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. You might as well just call this the ultimate guide to the Japanese vocabulary. My personal favourite is Webster’s Pocket Japanese Dictionary. If you can’t find what phrase you want in here, you probably don’t need to be saying it.

2. There is not any point in studying all the words, if you can’t string them together. Grammar is the important thing to making sense of tall the words you know. I am a big fan of Rita Lampkins’s Verbs & Essentials of Grammar. Small enough to hold around with you, this grammar guide is chock full fo info. Every element of Japanese grammar is in this book. She even has a section on phrases you will use in everyday speech.

3.Japanesepod101 is the ultimate in on-line resources. I suggest even going the next step of paying the $8/month or $60 for the year that offers you access to all of the transcription notes as well as their “Kanji Close-Up” which is awesome for learning Kanji.

4. A Buddy to Work With. It goes without saying that practice makes perfect.. No one offers you more experience in speaking the language than a Japanese buddy. If you recognize anyone that speaks Japanese, great! Ask them to be your language buddy so they can make it easier to with your conversation skills and answer any questions you could have about the language. Or do you not know anyone who may very well be your conversation partner? This will not be an issue.

Try taking out an advertisement. Trust me, there are many Japanese individuals looking for an Anglophone that will assist them improve their own language skills.

I suggest checking craigslist. Try and find an activity section that’s related for your community to post under. Be sure to find a nice public setting to fulfill someone that you have reached by craigslist). If you are close to a university their may be a bulletin board designated only for language partners. There are Japanese language specific websites, such as that you possibly can place an ad with.
The process of studying Japanese does not necessarily have to be painful. If you are taking full benefit of my advice, it’d simply be easy to study Japanese!

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